Dwayne Butcher

September 2, 2021

Upcoming Event: Using RTLS to Solve Real-Time Locating Challenges in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 introduces new emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to combat rising labor costs and stiff competition. Some manufacturers are also adopting location-aware […]
September 2, 2021

Episode 4: “The FlexBrewmaster” – Engineering Parody of “The Office”

This season’s final episode, “The FlexBrewmaster,” marks the end of a busy summer for interns Carson and Jami as they complete their summer project, an automated […]
August 18, 2021

Episode 3: “The Distraction” – Engineering Parody of “The Office”

The interns are making great strides with the automated brewing system this summer in the third episode, titled “The Distraction.” Meanwhile, George is preoccupied with his […]
August 9, 2021

Episode 2: The Excursion – Engineering Parody of “The Office”

In the second episode, titled “The Excursion,” the intern Jami begins to fall under Ignition’s spell. Carson is still in the early stages of developing the […]