Our Team

Our promise to our employees is to have a positive and lasting impact on you and your family by creating a healthy and engaging work environment.

As Flexdogs, we don’t believe we’re meant to sit around and do nothing. We want to get out and run, we want to be pulling and leading, we want to be blazing new trails and helping our customers get where they need to go. We believe Flexdogs are the most unique and rare of all “breeds” in engineering – strong, passionate individuals who live and breathe technology and love to solve the most challenging problems – yet are ultimately driven by an innate desire to help people.

The Flexdogs

The term “Flexdogs” was coined for our Flexware team members sometime in the last 20 years. It is a solid and endearing term that describes our character. A servant leader’s heart – both loyal and trustworthy – is at the heart of every Flexdog, shaping who we are, what we do, and how we do it. This is what makes us different. This is what makes us Flexdogs.

Our Leaders

Scott Whitlock

President, CEO

Jason Toschlog

VP of Products

Greg Stevens

VP of Operations

Wade Harsy

VP of Engineering

Tim Banks

VP Enterprise Solutions

Matt Heiden

Director of Talent Management

Michael Chevalier

Director of IT

Dwayne Butcher

Director of Marketing

Kelly Pryor

Director of HR and Business Operations

Ryan Binkley

Technical Consultant

Dan Zanolla

Automation Manager

Les Fox

Software Manager

Brice Bucher

Senior Integration Manager

George Pate

Senior Integration Manager

Jason Strawhacker

Software Architect

Kevin Wilson

Strategic Advisor/CFO

Jeff Etchison

VP of Business Development

Sam Chumbley

Director of Business Development

Gabrielle Stewart

Senior Biz Dev Manager

Travis Ewing

Strategic Account Executive

We strive to provide an exceptional work environment.

We are careful about the projects we take, the partners we choose, and the people we hire, even when that means we have to say “no.” We differentiate ourselves by our culture and the way we treat our employees.