ERP Integration and Consulting

Modern ERP Systems and MES/MOM Solutions

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) connects organizations control and automation systems with its business and financial systems. Effective ERP integration can have a dramatic impact on efficiencies and real-time information required by today’s competitive operations. Many enterprises still rely on manual dual entry of critical information between enterprise systems.  Flexware can help integrate modern ERP systems bringing visibility to manufacturing output, scheduling, predictive maintenance, inventory management, and quality. Flexware has deep domain expertise within manufacturing and we understand not only how to solve a problem, but we recognize the underlying business challenges that need to be addressed. We’ve helped customers gain efficiencies through automated backflushing, just-in-time material tracking, quality management and traceability.

Inventory Management ERP


Backflushing and inventory management modeling to bring visibility into your real-time manufacturing transactions

Quality Management


Quality Management standards that support high quality products and processes

Operations Insights ERP


Custom automation solutions for streamlined operational efficiency through actionable intelligence

Performance ERP


Centralized intelligence and data that accelerates decision making and raises performance across departments

Warehouse Management Systems ERP


Integration with warehouse management systems for clarity into your shipping operations and supply chain execution

ERP Technology Competencies


Ready to streamline your business and financial processes?

By participating in strategy as well as execution, we are tenacious about getting to the root of the problem and delivering the most appropriate technology to meet your current and future needs.