April 18, 2016

Real-World IoT Implementations That Are Achieving Results

As we collaborate with manufacturing clients nationwide to tackle their toughest IT and engineering problems, the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) often comes up. […]
August 18, 2016

Real World Impact of IoT Technology | From Homes and Cars to Manufacturing

5 Invisible but Indispensable Areas Where IoT is Having Real World Impact You may not have noticed but the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere these […]
October 18, 2016

Purdue University’s Dawn or Doom Conference 2016: With Great Risk Comes Great Reward

Do you ever feel like technology is moving along so fast that it’s hard to keep up with all the changes? You’re not alone. Even the […]
January 16, 2017

Understanding Internet of Things Solutions

Did you know the Flexware Innovation, Inc. team has been solving real-world Internet of Things (IoT) issues since our inception? Yep, over 20 years of assisting […]