Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Accelerate Strategic Decision-Making with Ease

Organize & Analyze Data to Scale Effectively

As companies grow, they quickly accumulate a lot of data about their manufacturing operations, suppliers, finances, and more. Despite the abundance of data, compiling it all in one location that allows for quick decisions is difficult.

We have the know-how and tools to uncover hidden value in unstructured data and provide actionable, trustworthy insights to make your life easier. Our BI solutions can help you transform your enterprise into a data-driven powerhouse.

KPI Dashboards

Enterprise Reporting & Visualization

Presenting data in a clear, actionable format by utilizing dynamic dashboards and immersive reporting


Enterprise Data Architecture

Get meaningful metrics from a centralized, trusted data ecosystem dedicated solely to reporting and analytics


Real-Time Analytics

Maximize production and quality with reliable, real-time data from your operations

Data Management

Data Engineering

Streamline inconsistent, siloed data through automated processes to optimize, structure, and clean it for your needs


Data Governance

Establishing protocols and metrics to guarantee the integrity, timeliness, and safety of data throughout your organization

Industrial Data Centers

Data Warehousing

Consolidate and aggregate transactional data from several data sources into a single location for reporting purposes


Predictive Analytics

Detect irregularities to forecast and prevent downtime, quality concerns, and productivity losses, then act to resolve them quickly


Data Science & Machine Learning

Utilize today’s most innovative technical solutions in your enterprise to solve complex problems


Business Intelligence Assessments

Identifying gaps in data collection methods and understanding how they support or undermine your desired goals

You deserve a BI solution that makes your life easier!

Get the power of an expert BI team with decades of experience building custom reporting solutions across all industries.

Enterprise-Wide BI Solutions

Time is too valuable to waste on inefficient, frustrating processes that prevent you from gaining the insights you need to make everyday decisions.

With cutting-edge BI and data visualization solutions, you can:

  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Provide consistent reporting and information in one place
  • Standardize and improve data quality
  • Quickly identify and determine the root causes of downtime, quality issues, and productivity losses
  • Easily make quick production, capacity, and performance decisions

BI 101: From One-Off Insights to Enterprise-Wise Wisdom

Join Sasha Risner and Dustin Phillips, BI experts, in this recorded webinar and discover the secret solutions to common BI challenges, the advantages BI can bring to your company, and the best practices for successful BI imp/lementation and use cases.

“Flexware is the most professional and technically sound company I have worked with in my 20-year career. They were able to learn our business globally and bridge the gap between business needs and technology. They demonstrated the unique ability to titrate down our business needs to innovative solutions. They did not just execute work we asked them to do. They came to the table with alternative solutions, supporting data, and risk analysis that helped us make better decisions. Execution and communication were excellent. Overall business results were exceptional.”
– Life Science Manufacturer

Customer Success Stories



Langham Logistics’ Journey Toward Business Intelligence

It’s like taking the blinders off and seeing aspects of the business that were simply not visible to us in the past.



Moving from data to decisions & forecasting

Discover how we helped a manufacturing unify their data for more accurate forcecasting and better decision-making.



Data simplification for better decision making

See how our BI team made it easy for a pharmaceutical business to access crucial data metrics.

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