Business Intelligence

Build an Ecosystem for Fact-Based Decision Making

For companies with large-scale manufacturing operations, developing the architecture and infrastructure needed to organize data into actionable insight is complex. Quickly identifying and determining the root causes of downtime, quality issues, and productivity losses without slowing down production requires analysis and reporting for both real-time operational data and historical transaction data. Flexware provides your business analysts visibility into historical and real-time data presented in user-friendly formats to make quick production, capacity and performance decisions.

Global Manufacturer Seeks Visibility into Contract Manufacturing Quality & Delivery.
KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards

Build modern visualization tools to stay on top of your data and ahead of your competition.

Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

Gain visibility into your operations by identifying the metrics that matter

Data Management

Data Management

Improve data flow and management across diverse operations and data types

Realtime Production Monitoring

Real-time Production Monitoring

Increase plant efficiency and quality with the right monitoring tools.

Business Intelligence Technology Competencies

Microsoft Azure

Making Smart Decisions with Business Intelligence

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