Flexware’s Culture

Humble Resolve

Flexware takes on a variety of challenges within the world of technology, and while all of these challenges require technical expertise, our true identity lies in the manner in which we approach these challenges. We differentiate ourselves within intentional innovation and a tough-as-nails, servant-leader work ethic.

Loyal to both our customers and our fellow employees, we are a steadfast team that can be depended upon to stick it out and finish well. We strive to do it all with humility and respect. We will pull our weight and play the role that helps the team to win.

We are passionate about potential – the potential for new processes, better ways of doing things, the potential that every human being has when supported in a healthy environment and unleashed to do their best work. If everyone gets better, everyone wins.

Mission First, Troops Always

Our promise to our employees is to have a positive and lasting impact on you and your family by creating a healthy and engaging work environment.

Our Core Values

Our inspiration comes from building innovative technology solutions that free people to focus on what’s next. Guided by our core values, we do our walk in a manner that leaves a positive and lasting impact on everyone around us.

Employee-Started Initiatives

Women of Flexware

The Women of Flexware is an employee-led group dedicated to empowering, developing, and supporting the continued success of Flexware Innovations’ female professionals through mentorship, networking, and community involvement opportunities. This inclusive group contributes to our workforce diversity goals and business objectives by providing a friendly atmosphere where women can connect, experience a sense of community, share ideas, and have a vital role in our company’s success.

Apple Pies for Angels

Apple Pies for Angels is an annual fundraiser that raises funds to adopt and purchase Christmas gifts for children in need through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. Apple Pies for Angels began in 2018 with a crazy idea: a homemade apple pie fundraiser just in time for Thanksgiving could provide Christmas gifts for children in need. Over the years, with a total of 2324 pies baked, we’ve made 1873 angels’ holidays special. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made our mission possible—one pie at a time.

YearPies MadeAngels Who Got GiftsDonations

Why We Call Ourselves “Flexdogs”

Sometime in the last 20 years, the term “Flexdogs” was coined for our team members here at Flexware. It is a strong and endearing term that speaks to our character.

As Flexdogs, we don’t believe we’re meant to sit around and do nothing. We want to get out and run, we want to be pulling and leading, we want to be blazing new trails and helping our customers get where they need to go. We believe Flexdogs are the most unique and rare of all “breeds” in engineering – strong, passionate individuals who live and breathe technology and love to solve the most challenge problems – yet are ultimately driven by an innate desire to help people. At the core of every Flexdog is a servant-leader’s heart – both loyal and true – that shapes who we are, what we do, and the way we do it. This is what makes us different. This is what makes us Flexdogs.

Interested in working at Flexware?

We are always looking for talented, driven, and curious people to join our growing team.