Our Culture. Our People.

FACT #1: Flexware is staffed with well-rounded technical and business engineering experts.
FACT #2: We love solving complex manufacturing IT issues.
FACT #3: We have unique hobbies and interests outside of work.

In this video, we capture the essence of FACT #3. We thought the best way to highlight our company culture is to share some of these hobbies.

Get to Know Flexware

Our culture. Our people.

Flexware Overview

What’s it like working at Flexware?

What is a Flexdog?

Road Trip

National Engineers Week

About the Trailblazer Engineering Fellowship

Some of the FlexDogs

Meet Ryan – Senior Automation Engineer

Meet Jason and Gage Toschlog

Meet Scott Whitlock – Our Fearless Leader

Team Profiles

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Business Intelligence

Industry Focus

What does Flexware do?

What is Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)?

Life Science

Food & Beverage: Consumer Packaged Goods

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