Automation Engineering

Efficiency. Productivity. Reliability.

To run a plant effectively, manufacturers have to be able to see at any moment how all their systems are performing. Production performance metrics must be accurate and readily available. Stakeholders in their plant need access to manufacturing data such as reject counts, OEE, downtime tracking, and more. Production run data must be collected at key trigger points. To make sense of it all, manufacturers need a way of organizing and providing context for the data coming from their processes.

Our Automation Team can help bridge the gap between traditional automated systems and higher-level manufacturing IT and enterprise systems.


Mitsubishi Electric
Rockwell Automation

Services and Solutions

  • PLC Programming
  • Historian
  • Batch Control
  • Line Control/ OEM Integration
  • Power/Drives Engineering
  • Motion Control

Process Automation (Food & Beverage)

Process skid development for new or existing process applications such as CIP/SIP, Aseptic Dosing, and Retort. Rockwell Certified PlantPAx engineers with deep understanding of the full Process Object Library and all PASS architecture requirements.

Legacy Automation Upgrades

Legacy hardware upgrades for Allen-Bradley PLC-5 or conversion of automation architecture to entirely different PLC platform. Capable of utilizing the Rockwell Automation PLC-5 migration tool or custom redevelopment of logic. This can also encompass upgrading outdated industrial networking protocol. Familiar with complete hardware replacement or use of Allen-Bradley 1771 conversion hardware.

Site Assessments

Baseline automation assessments for any technology or automation platform. This includes industrial networking analysis, inventory baseline, and recommendations on life cycle upgrades for automation equipment.

Level 1 Plant Automation and Data Readiness Assessment

Understanding where and what is controlling your key assets from a hardware, software, and connectivity prospective is essential to place a smart investment strategy forward. To help achieve Industry 4.0 value, our engineers will map and outline where your Automation assets place on a Data Readiness and I4.0 Maturity Index – creating logical project planning and data driven capital investments.

Consulting and Planning Services

  • Legacy Control Modernization Planning and Consulting Services
  • Industrial Network Modernization and Planning

Proof of Concept and Process Improvement R&D

Working with leading-edge scientists to investigate and apply new technologies and techniques for manufacturing and process control. We can help prototype new equipment and test new strategies to help industry leaders stay on top.

Manufacturing Process Simulation

Provide offline process simulations to help train operations and maintenance personnel in real life operating scenarios. Use simulations to investigate process capabilities, identify bottlenecks and investigate process changes before investing in major upgrades.

Flexware Innovation

Flexware Innovation is the go-to engineering firm for high-potential manufacturers, helping forward thinkers in manufacturing and related industries build comprehensive and long-lasting solutions with ease.