Flexware Innovation is located in the heart of North America’s automotive manufacturing world, where we’ve been implementing solutions for tier 1 and tier 2 automotive suppliers for over 20 years.

Following are some of the projects we have done for automotive clients:

  • Metals and assembly processes upgrades
  • Plant modernization
  • Control and control systems migration
  • Quality management systems and SPC implementation (to meet higher standards of quality and uniformity)
  • Supply chain solutions implementation (to increase the responsiveness of the supply chain and remove excess inventory)
  • Supplier managed inventory systems implementation
  • WIP tracking and Warehouse Managements Systems implementation
  • OEE systems implementation (to improve efficiency and utilization)
  • Engine test stand application implementation
  • Furnace control upgrade for tempering implementation
  • Order picking system for parts implementation
  • Tire pressure process control system implementation
  • OpenVMS and Modbus Plus integration
  • Research (e.g. “ballizing” for camshafts, machine vision, etc.)

Flexware Innovation

We are technology integrators who help forward thinkers in manufacturing industries build comprehensive and long-lasting solutions with ease.