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SparkMES™: A Scalable, Ignition-Ready Framework

We know the story. You need to improve manufacturing production but lack the necessary insights that focus your efforts. Flexware Innovation’s SparkMES™ framework can get you there quickly and cost-effectively.

SparkMES™ is built on Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform, providing a scalable, modular framework to address your immediate needs (and position you expertly for future needs). And you’ll appreciate the modern look and feel, designed with the end user in mind. Contact us to learn more.

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KPI Dashboards


Robust platform with rapid application development, and modernized user interface.

Legacy Automation Upgrades


Power to customize internally, including adding lines or equipment.



Cost savings through solution ownership and reduced annual maintenance fees.

Cloud-based ERP MES


Greater agility for change, no longer tied to a developer.

CASE STUDY: Accelerating Customizable MES Solutions

In late 2019, Flexware Innovation collaborated with a Swedish-based worldwide leader in automotive technology. With SparkMES™, the customer greatly improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Why Manufacturers Choose SparkMES™

Gain insight, visibility, and understanding into cell, line, and plant production data to understand quality issues, machine downtime, and more

Make data accessible to the right people at the right time, from the shop floor to the top floor

Locate raw materials, finished goods, and materials used in production

Respond rapidly and accurately to recalls and audits with effective traceability, track/trace, genealogy

Increase profitability through line efficiency

Gain access to a robust, modern manufacturing system when IT and Operations budgets might be limited

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We love to show just how easy SparkMES™ is to implement, use, and maintain and do this all within the context of the challenges you’re facing and the goals you’ve set. Request an informative conversation and demonstration.

SparkMES™ is developed on the Ignition platform by Inductive Automation

Ignition is used by half of today’s Fortune 100 companies and provides the flexibility and a low cost of ownership that gives SparkMES™ these same qualities.

Flexware Innovation: Ignition Premier Integrators

For the past 25 years, Flexware has been an active systems integrator in the manufacturing IT industry with specialties including HMI/SCADA, OEE, Business Intelligence, and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Our passion is helping our customers avoid costly architectural mistakes and design, architect, and build solutions that stand the test of time. When it comes to manufacturing IT and engineering, we don’t just get it done – we get it done right.

It’s with this same passion that Flexware Innovation pursued Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform, becoming a premier level integrator. We have successfully implemented Ignition for over forty manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, life sciences, automotive, metals & steel, and consumer products.

We are honored to be recognized as a Gold-Certified Premier integrator, the Top Integrator of the Year in 2020, and received the Firebrand Award, but equally as excited to offer this new technology, licensing, and overall SCADA approach to our customers. Our dedicated team of gold-certified Ignition integrators have experience in developing and deploying Ignition into manufacturing factories nationwide.

Full Module & Feature Descriptions

  • Configure plant model, inventory models, production items and routings, downtime codes, etc.
  • Configuration SparkMES™
  • Manage the ERP interface – support file exchanges, message status, etc. (production schedules, work orders, BOMS, processes plans, master data)
  • Send/receive manual payloads & update records. work order closeout, etc.
  • Support correcting data errors
  • Receive materials into inventory
  • Quarantine/release materials,
  • Inventory movement, consumption and production, etc.
  • Support MRB
  • View Inventory levels
  • Locate a part or lot
  • Place inventory on a carrier (mobile location)
  • Remove inventory from a carrier (mobile location)
  • Demo labels (ZPL only)
  • Automatically and manually print labels
  • Load label templates (ZPL & Loftware supported)
  • Work Order management Selection, start, stop, abort, complete, etc.
  • Create and support ad-hoc shop floor orders
  • Monitor order progress and maintain order status
  • Support Physical confirmation of Inventory State
  • View and reconcile differences between physical and MES inventory levels
  • Scan all lots in the plant and enter and adjust their actual quantity
  • Execute a series of work instructions for assembling a prototype,
  • Process /manage kitting orders
  • Disassemble assemblies/kits
  • Note: This is the execution piece of the order management
  • Conduct end of line quality tests
  • View Test History, restrict parts and lots based on supplier, lot number, manufactured date
  • Create and manage shipping orders
  • Scan boxes to be shipped to a customer, manage box placement on a pallet
  • Manage manufacturing process to fulfill work orders and collect production state
  • Present work instructions
  • Control manufacturing flow
  • Collect process data: in line quality data, in line test results, manual data
  • Request/record consumptions
  • Acquire/provide serial numbers
  • Capture good/bad part details
  • Invoke rework processes
  • View genealogy of a product
  • Pack out products against an order
  • Mark products as quality test, good/bad
  • View inventory levels for all consumption locations
  • Suggest inventory pulls for lineside inventory locations with low inventory
  • Disassemble a product & manage components
  • Trigger/manage nonconformance processes
  • Annotate downtime events
  • Revise/annotate run data
  • View OEE data for each location
  • View downtime reasons for each location

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