5 Risks of Sticking with a Legacy MES

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Is your MES outdated?

Many manufacturing facilities have created, installed, and are currently operating with legacy Manufacturing Execution Systems that are “homegrown” or based on outdated or ill-suited technologies. These traditional legacy systems were created out of necessity and mainly focused on Production Order, Tracking Labor and/or Inventory Management and Data Collection.

These systems are typically rigid because they were built for a specific set of requirements and for a manufacturing environment that may or may not still exist. Many legacy systems are lacking the ability to provide real-time management and control of shop-floor operations and are not flexible enough to handle the everchanging plant floor.

Who is Flexware?

Flexware Innovation, Inc., a Midwest Systems Integration firm focused on manufacturing execution system (MES) integration for life science, food and beverage, industrial and discrete industries, assists manufacturers nationwide to operate more efficiently with the help of real-time business intelligence. With a team of highly-technical automation, controls and software engineers, Flexware works side by side with clients to solve the most complex IT and manufacturing engineering obstacles. Whether looking for a consultant, contract engineering talent or recruitment services, a FlexDog will never let you down.

Flexware has a history of success with helping clients in the Life Science, Food & Beverage, and Industrial & Discrete industries achieve the following results:

  • increase productivity,
  • minimize downtime,
  • reduce costs,
  • improve product and process quality,
  • and accomplish business goals.