2020 Trailblazers

Carson Rhoades

College: Purdue University Northwest
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology
Sophomore (’22)
Project: Helped construct, wire, and build 4 custom control panels for a client. Project also encompassed configuring all IP addresses to connect to PLC’s and tested each individual IO. Also worked alongside a Flexdog and learned Sequential Function Chart (SFC) PLC programming.

Roman Dziennik

Roman Dziennik

College: Purdue University
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology
Junior (’21)
Project: Created a “Puzzle Box” as a training tool for a client. Responsible for making the wiring, and elements fit within the box as well as programming the HMI screens. He also created the PLC logic to encompass 245 global variables, local variables, and tags.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, some manufacturers worldwide were impacted and needed to cut back on expenses. As a result, the 2020 Trailblazers class was narrowed down from six to two. 

What the Trailblazers said about the their internship experience…

  • People were always ready and willing to help me whenever I had a question or messed something up. Additionally, I enjoyed each of the Professional Development Days, as they provided us a way to interact with the other Trailblazers and allowed us to see the environment in which others were working. Other than the company tours, I also found the life and career skills days to be valuable, and they allowed us to grow in more than just technical ways. I especially liked the resume reviews, as this helped me to improve my resume and learn more about what recruiters are looking for.