2019 Trailblazers

Adam Martin

1. Adam Martin

Indiana University
Major: Computer Science
Project: Built a customer portal to access different PowerBI reports using Embedded PowerBI, Azure SQL databases, Microsoft PowerApps, Firebase, React, and MaterialUI

Dawson Armstrong

2. Dawson Armstrong

Purdue University
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology
Project: Built a control panel sandbox for Flexware Automation team to test programs before being deployed. Also worked on manufacturing Machine Learning project for a major client

Taylor Frey

3. Taylor Frey

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Major: Computer Engineering with Minor in Statistics and Robotics
Project: Worked side by side with Flexware customer to detect spoilage possibilities of goods coming off of the manufacturing line using x-ray technology and then using analytics to predict possible batch spoilage.

Enes Shaltami

4. Enes Shaltami

Purdue University
Major: Computer Engineering
Project: Worked alongside Flexware’s client and built a safety control program to route LED’s to safety relay using Rockwell’s Automation Workbench.

Lauren McMullen

5. Lauren McMullen

Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis
Major: Human Resources Management
Projects: Researched and implemented new HR Policies and Employee Handbook, revamped all internal Flexdog resumes, and worked on full-cycle recruiting requisitions.

What the Trailblazers said about the their internship experience…

  • People were always ready and willing to help me whenever I had a question or messed something up. Additionally, I enjoyed each of the Professional Development Days, as they provided us a way to interact with the other Trailblazers and allowed us to see the environment in which others were working. Other than the company tours, I also found the life and career skills days to be valuable, and they allowed us to grow in more than just technical ways. I especially liked the resume reviews, as this helped me to improve my resume and learn more about what recruiters are looking for.