2018 Trailblazers

Adam Martin

1. Adam Martin

Indiana University
Major: Computer Science
Project: Built Designed and developed a web front-end using HTML5 and JavaScript for a custom API and Integration with AWS IoT button, Lambda, and ANRDS.

Eric Moorman

2. Eric Moorman

Major: Computer Science with minor in Robotics and Mathematics
Junior (’18)
Project: Worked at a life science manufacturer. Assisted in eliminating and validating operator error coding events in Ignition Software. Worked on building reports in PowerBI and SEEQ along with conducting a collaborative robot research project.

Josh Zaugg

3. Josh Zaugg

Northwestern University
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Project: Worked at a 3d laser scanning company. He helped with data collection and processing, as a well as static scanning.

Mark Bowles

4. Mark Bowles

Purdue University
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) with minor in Technical Leadership and Innovation
Project: Worked at a local food and beverage manufacturer and set up a new control panel and reprogrammed PLC’s.

Michael Jessup

5. Michael Jessup

Purdue University
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)
Project: Worked at a machining manufacturer throughout the summer. Got an in-depth experience for machine setup such as the correct tooling for the machine, how to set up tooling, and running coolant lines.

Trevor Ellis

6. Trevor Ellis

Purdue University
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)
Project: Worked at a sheet metal fabricator all summer. Was responsible for creating custom mechanical drawings, and prototyping and large 3d prints. Some of the new technicals skills he gained were Creo and Mechanisms in CAD.

Willie Ratekin

7. Willie Ratekin

Purdue University
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Project: Designed and wired a custom controls panel. Created wiring diagrams with upgraded equipment, create panel layout drawings, build/wire/test panels for one of Flexware’s clients.

What the Trailblazers said about the their internship experience…

  • People were always ready and willing to help me whenever I had a question or messed something up. Additionally, I enjoyed each of the Professional Development Days, as they provided us a way to interact with the other Trailblazers and allowed us to see the environment in which others were working. Other than the company tours, I also found the life and career skills days to be valuable, and they allowed us to grow in more than just technical ways. I especially liked the resume reviews, as this helped me to improve my resume and learn more about what recruiters are looking for.