2017 Trailblazers

Cason Robbins

1. Cason Robbins

Purdue University
Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology
Junior (’18)
Projects: Reviewed RSLogix 5000 PLC programs, electrical diagrams, and equipment manuals. Evaluated an Arc Flash Safety Analysis and Coordination Study using EasyPower in order to increase factory safety and equipment up-time. Studied the complete operation and control system of a shrink packer

Curtis Teter

2. Curtis Teter

Purdue University
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Junior (’18)
Projects: This summer I worked on mechanical design, documentation, and restructuring of the HMI for the in house demonstration called the FlexFactory as well as projects with the business intelligence team at Flexware. The final three weeks of the summer, I ventured into 3D laser scanning at Riley Hospital with a local 3D laser scanning company.

Delaney Sunbury

3. Delaney Sunbury

Purdue University
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Sophomore (’19)
Project: Worked at a local metal manufacturer with their engineering team to design CAD drawings for medical trays for tools used in operation rooms

Denis Ulybyshev

4. Denis Ulybyshev

Purdue University
Major: Computer Science
Projects: Developed meeting room reservation system integrated into Ignition – a SCADA system. Developed FMEA project for battery manufacturing

Lauren Sailor

5. Lauren Sailor

Purdue University
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Freshman (’20)
Projects: The projects that I worked on were very diverse, ranging from market research and training for a high altitude balloon launch to creating 3D models and 2D drawings in various CAD programs, and with working onsite at two client companies in addition to Flexware, I was able to work with many different people and experience several company cultures.

Michael Wilkins

6. Michael Wilkins

Major: Computer Engineering
Projects: Completed project-based design work for the company’s Business Intelligence team. Developed a full-stack BI database solution analyzing employee and revenue data. Designed an innovative RFID tracking solution to repair a malfunctioning inventory locating system

Sam Javed

7. Sam Javed

Purdue University
Major: Computer Science
Freshman (’20)
Projects: During my third summer at Flexware, I worked on an ASP.NET web application called SlickSub that allowed contractors to track their jobs and the employees/subcontractors performing the jobs. The database for the project was written in SQL and the frontend was done with C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Needless to say, I gained a tremendous amount of experience in software development in the span of three short months.

Willie Ratekin

8. Willie Ratekin

Purdue University
Major: Electrical Engineering Technology
Project: Worked with another intern to create an asset tracking solution for a client in Illinois using RFID technology, C# .NET, and SQL Server

What the Trailblazers said about the their internship experience…

  • Working for Flexware Innovation as a Trailblazer intern is a unique and rewarding experience. Not only did Flexware take the time to introduce me to new concepts I hadn’t pursued before, such as creating a service in C# based around RFID technology, but they also care enough about their employees to help develop them personally and professionally. The professional development days were great, whether it was getting exposure to various facilities and industries Flexware works with, or sitting down with several admin level employees receiving advice from them on resumes, interviewing, or our personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • I enjoyed working at one of Flexware’s large food and beverage manufacturing customers and working with their automation team. Going into the summer, I knew very little about high power distribution systems. However, I can now say I know the factory’s power distribution better than most of their employees. I was also able to further develop my PLC programming skills in their automation lab. It has been an amazing experience being able to work with Flexware and the client to apply what I have learned in class while also working on important projects.
  • I really enjoyed the Trailblazer Program because it gave me the opportunity to do so much more than a typical internship. I worked on projects that mattered and developed professionally through plant tours and other fun activities such as the balloon launch.
  • From automation to business intelligence, Flexware gave me the opportunity to explore work in many different areas. It was a summer of trying new things and learning what I want and don’t want to do. Flexware is a unique internship where you not only get work experience but also build relationships, and develop professionally. Flexware spends time to make you a better employee by teaching you essential skills such as writing a resume, conducting yourself in an interview, and making good business decisions. It is a company that cares about their people. From day one I felt like part of the team and that I was working on something helpful to the company.
  • The Trailblazer Internship Program exposed me to so many facets of both business and engineering in industry. Flexware focuses on providing project work in areas of interest to each intern. The professional development days offer a variety of learning experiences and were one of my favorite components of the internship. The summer was filled with wonderful interactions with both FlexDogs and the other interns.
  • My Trailblazer experience was extremely rewarding. Through working at a local sheet metal manufacturer and professional development days at Flexware with the other interns, I have grown professionally, as well gained beneficial experience in the manufacturing side of engineering.
  • I really enjoyed my Trailblazer internship for several reasons. Firstly, I gained my skills working with Microsoft Calendar API, OAuth 2.0 Authentication mechanism, ‘Ignition’ SCADA system and ‘IQ FMEA’ framework for Failure – Mode effect analysis. Secondly, I developed my professional network and made money. Also, I made good friends. And, finally, Professional Development Days made Trailblazer Internship stand out!