WHAT IS BI? – Transforming Your Business with Business Intelligence Event in Valparaiso, IN

Please join us for a presentation and informal Q&A in Valparaiso, Indiana, led by specialized Flexdogs on our BI Team

To be successful in today’s world of unprecedented change, you will need to adapt and develop a Data Culture. By choosing to harness the power of data analytics, you create an environment where every individual on every team is empowered to do great things. At this event, we will discuss different BI methodologies and tools that can allow you to tap into the power of natural language, self-service business insights, and visualization capabilities – making insights available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Event Agenda

  • Educational Overview of Business Intelligence: Classic vs. Modern BI, Data Warehouse and Data Marts, Self-Service BI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, Dashboards
  • The WHY behind Business Intelligence: How can a powerful Data Culture transform your business?
  • Demo and Testimonial: HOW TO BI – PowerBI and Data Modeling