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Flexware Innovation is a different kind of technology integrator. We focus on helping forward-thinkers in manufacturing industries build comprehensive and long-lasting solutions. By participating in strategy as well as execution, we are tenacious about getting to the root of the problem and delivering the most appropriate technology to meet your current and future needs. Our approach spans from the shop floor to the top floor, ensuring that every aspect of your operations is seamlessly integrated and optimized.

Additional Disciplines


Flexware provides innovative solutions through extensive knowledge of industry best practices and a “Listen-First” approach to consulting. Learn how we can help you.

Business Intelligence

Let Flexware help you build an ecosystem that converts data into business intelligence so you can make fast, fact-based decisions to increase performance.

Custom Software Development

Flexware creates custom software solutions that maximize manufacturing by integrating shop floor automation to business processes, improving efficiency, compliance, and traceability.


Flexware can help bridge the gap between IT and OT organizations and provide the right infrastructure solutions to meet your specific manufacturing needs.

Emerging Technologies

Flexware helps manufacturers cut through the hype and bring clarification to what emerging technologies can offer real-world manufacturing operations.

Ignition Integrators

Flexware, a gold certified Ignition integrator, has a dedicated and experienced team of certified engineers that deploy Ignition implementations for manufacturers around the globe.

Transforming Bourbon Production with Advanced SCADA Solutions

The growing demand for The Bardstown Bourbon Company’s (BBC) bourbon does not seem like it would be a problem, but it becomes one when your SCADA system fails to provide the real-time, operational insights needed.

Discover how Flexware partnered with BBC to develop a cutting-edge SCADA system using Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform. This collaboration led to significant efficiency improvements and production gains at their distillery, ensuring BBC could meet the increasing market demand while maintaining high-quality standards. Read the full case study to learn more about our innovative solution.

  • "We needed a PowerApps form to help with internal requests for product samples across multiple global sites. Natalie created a new form with multiple user-friendly views. Users have commented on how intuitive the form is to fill in. We have also seen during testing it is much easier to track the process of each request using what Natalie created. We are still piloting the process with one site with not enough requests completed by users for us to have firm outcomes. I very much appreciated Natalie’s IT skills and project management. I would highly recommend Flexware."
    Gavin O’Mahoney
    Senior Director at Eli Lilly and Company
  • "Having tailored consulting where we are deficient is second to none.  In a very short amount of time, the ES Team closed gaps in my knowledge which aided me in making the changes needed with our cloud infrastructure."
    Director of IT
    Industry - Supply Chain
  • Director of Manufacturing
    We partnered with Flexware Innovation because of their expertise in the field of MES, their relationship and involvement with MESA, and their familiarity with ISA standards in this area. Flexware helped us articulate our requirements by educating our teams on what MES is, and how it can benefit our business. We believe it has been a great benefit to have a trusted advisor looking out for our best interest throughout this process. Our selection process has been very enlightening and educational due to help we received from Flexware's professionals."
    Director of Manufacturing
    Life Science Manufacturer
  • MES Program Manager
    Our company has had a long history with Flexware. Flexware delivered many successful HMI/SCADA solutions in our facility in the late 1990’s. Most recently, Flexware is delivering a full MES solution to our facility and is instrumental in the start-up of 2 brand new manufacturing lines. Their technical expertise, vision,
    and work ethic are second to none.”
    MES Program Manager
    Discrete Manufacturer
  • IT Manager
    Flexware Innovation helped educate us on the benefits of MES. We chose to implement a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) MES product with a global professional services firm. Our experience with the larger firm, and the resulting solution we have today falls short of meeting our needs. We are now partnering with Flexware for future phases of our MES design and rollouts. I am confident that we would have been much further ahead if we would have partnered with Flexware 3 years ago.”
    IT Manager
    Discrete Manufacturer

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Evaluating the right path forward from the available solutions can be an incredibly daunting task. By participating in strategy as well as execution, we are tenacious about getting to the root of the problem and delivering the most appropriate technology to meet your current and future needs