You had me at “IYKYK,” so what’s the scoop?

Chances are you didn’t find this page by accident. Like us, you probably consider yourself part of the “Ignition Community.” Like all close-knit communities, there are some “insider” jokes and secrets that only those in the community would get. As part of the Ignition Community, we at Flexware Innovation thought it would be fun to create a unique pen that highlights some of that insider info. If You Know, You Know.

First off, if you haven’t figured out what each inscription means, ask around. You’re likely to find fellow attendees who understand some of the pen’s captions. Or find who submitted this year’s phrases and ask them directly (have a peek below to find out who submitted ideas).

Secondly, let’s do this again. Next year? Perhaps sooner? So what witty Ignition phrase would you put on Version 2.0 of the pen? Perhaps it’s an Easter egg, an inside joke, or a pun. Really, anything an Ignition user might find amusing!

2022 Pun(tastic) Winners

We need your clever ideas.

We’d like to continue this into 2023, and we could use your help.

If you can think of any other Ignition zingers that only other fans would know, scroll down and fill out the form to share them with us!

How It Works

01. Submit Your Idea

Do you have an amusing Ignition phrase for Pen 2.0? Fill out the form below.

02. Review

We’ll share submissions with the larger Ignition Community and ask for a round of voting for the best ideas submitted.

03. Selection

If your idea is selected, you will forever be immortalized on a pen and this webpage… and you’ll become part of Ignition folklore.

Submit Your
IYKYK Phrase Idea

for 2023

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in version 1.0 of this pen and helped make it a success!

Here are submissions that didn’t make it on this year’s pen.

Benson Hougland, Opto 22

  • The Future is Decoupled
  • I’m the Single Source of Truth
  • Who’s Your Primary Host?
  • My DT is EPIC!
Arlen Nipper, Cirrus Link

  • Just Download it and Do It
Reese Tyson, Flexware Innovation

  • Giant skeeter
  • Boys in da hood
Brennan Jewett, Flexware Innovation

  • It’s all about your perspective!
Michael Manzi, Feyen Zylstra

  • Ignition is Edgy, has Vision and can supply a new Perspective!!

Who’s behind this? And why?

The team from Flexware Innovation volunteered to coordinate this Ignition Community Collab. Why? Because we think Ignition is cool, we love to see the Ignition Community’s collaborative spirit, and we like to have fun. Thanks for participating! Your information will not be shared with any 3rd parties and you will not be contacted for any promotions. Let the games begin!