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For the past 25 years, Flexware has been an active systems integrator in the manufacturing IT industry with specialties including HMI/SCADA, OEE, Business Intelligence, and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Our passion is helping our customers avoid costly architectural mistakes and design, architect, and build solutions that stand the test of time. When it comes to manufacturing IT and engineering, we don’t just get it done – we get it done right.

Ignition software, used by manufacturers in over 100 countries and used by 54 of the Fortune 100 companies, is a universal platform for industrial automation. Flexware Innovation, a premier level integrator, has successfully implemented the Ignition software for over thirty manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, life sciences, automotive, metals & steel, and consumer products. We are honored to be recognized as a Gold-Certified Premier integrator, the Top Integrator of the Year in 2020, and received the Firebrand Award, but equally as excited to offer this new technology, licensing, and overall SCADA approach to our customers. Our dedicated team of gold-certified Ignition integrators have experience in developing and deploying Ignition into manufacturing factories nationwide.


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Integrator of the Year in 2020


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Ignition Software Features

We have a dedicated team of eighteen certified engineers that deploy Ignition implementations for manufacturers around the globe. Ignition is unique in its offering in that it uses an unlimited-licensing model, is compatible with any platform, and offers free, ready-to-use resources in its proprietary exchange library. This makes Ignition an affordable, fast, and scalable solution for manufacturers investing in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Ignition puts full control of the plant floor on smartphones and tablets and is best-suited for companies managing heavy workflows.

Unlimited Licensing

Add unlimited clients, screens, tags, connections, and devices at no additional cost

Unlimited Tags & Connections

Ignition is sold by the server: one license gives you an unlimited number of clients, tags, and connections so you can build the exact system you need

Rapid Development & Deployment

Get all your tools in one place so you can build and deploy applications quickly and easily

Expandability & Scalability

Ignition is used in virtually every industry around the globe

Built on Open Standard Technologies

Based on easy-to-support IT standards like SQL, Python, MQTT, and OPC UA

Web-Based Development

Easily deploy clients from a central server at one site, multiple sites, or in the cloud

Connects to Anything

Connects to any major database and PLC, bridging the gap between IT and OT

View on Any Device

View clients on any device including desktops, industrial displays, and mobile devices

Universal Designer

One integrated development environment to build applications for HMI, SCADA, MES, and more

Flexware’s Ignition Case Studies

See how Flexware Innovation has utilized Ignition to help solve customer’s manufacturing issues.

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  • factory-xxl
    We partnered with Flexware Innovation because of their expertise in the field of MES, their relationship and involvement with MESA, and their familiarity with ISA standards in this area. Flexware helped us articulate our requirements by educating our teams on what MES is, and how it can benefit our business. We believe it has been a great benefit to have a trusted advisor looking out for our best interest throughout this process. Our selection process has been very enlightening and educational due to help we received from Flexware's professionals.

    -Director of Manufacturing, Life Science Manufacturer

  • factory-xxl
    Flexware Innovation has been a technical ally, and trusted advisor on our automation, supervisory, and MES solutions. Even without prior knowledge of the product set we chose, they have executed very well. Their guidance in designing and implementing manufacturing systems has been invaluable to our team."

    -Senior Automation Consultant, Life Science Manufacturer

  • factory-xxl
    Our company has had a long history with Flexware. Flexware delivered many successful HMI/SCADA solutions in our facility in the late 1990’s. Most recently, Flexware is delivering a full MES solution to our facility and is instrumental in the start-up of 2 brand new manufacturing lines. Their technical expertise, vision, and work ethic are second to none."

    -MES Program Manager, Discrete Manufacturer

  • factory-xxl
    Flexware's vision for our company's shipping and receiving system was profound. Once implemented, the system helped our facility decrease our shipping errors to zero. Flexware demonstrated tremendous resolve to follow through on the project and complete it to our satisfaction. I highly recommend Flexware Integration as a partner."

    -Manufacturing Engineer, Discrete Manufacturer

  • factory-xxl
    I recommended that our IT and Operations groups partner with Flexware Innovation because they are an independent company that can function as an advisor to our organization. Their experiences and capabilities allow them to act as a translator and trainer between Information Technology and our business units. As part of a selection process for enterprise software, Flexware helped us understand the requirements, draft our requirements documents, and interview prospective partners. Their input and guidance throughout this process has been very beneficial to the leadership of our company."

    -President, Life Science Manufacturer

  • factory-xxl
    Flexware has helped create a strategic vision for our company as it relates to part marking and serialized tracking. With Flexware’s design and development experience, our company’s manufacturing operations will benefit greatly through improved product quality, risk avoidance, and through the use of true metrics and reporting."

    -Manufacturing Manager, Life Science Manufacturer

  • “Flexware Innovation helped educate us on the benefits of MES. We chose to implement a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) MES product with a global professional services firm. Our experience with the larger firm, and the resulting solution we have today falls short of meeting our needs. We are now partnering with Flexware for future phases of our MES design and rollouts. I am confident that we would have been much further ahead if we would have partnered with Flexware 3 years ago.”

    - Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

  • “Flexware is the most professional and technically sound company I have worked with in my 20-year career. They were able to learn our business globally and bridge the gap between business needs and technology. They demonstrated the unique ability to titrate down our business needs to innovative solutions. They did not just execute work we asked them to do. They came to the table with alternative solutions, supporting data, and risk analysis that helped us make better decisions. Execution and communication were excellent. Overall business results were exceptional.”

    - Life Science Manufacturer

  • I enjoyed this internship because the projects were very interesting and allowed me the opportunity to make them my own. Also, I very much liked the work environment, since everyone was positive and willing to help.
  • I did not expect myself to be working on such high importance and exciting projects. I always thought interns work on side projects that have little value to the company, but was pleasantly surprised by the projects I worked on.
  • The experiences I had as a Trailblazer were very insightful and I gained a lot more knowledge, in a very wide spectrum, than I ever thought I would.
  • I enjoyed this internship because the projects were very interesting and allowed me the opportunity to make them my own. Also, I very much liked the work environment, since everyone was positive and willing to help.
  • I did not expect myself to be working on such high importance and exciting projects. I always thought interns work on side projects that have little value to the company, but was pleasantly surprised by the projects I worked on.
  • The experiences I had as a Trailblazer were very insightful and I gained a lot more knowledge, in a very wide spectrum, than I ever thought I would.
  • The largest challenge I faced was learning new software in order to accomplish a projects I was assigned. Before this internship I was unfamiliar with SQL Server and Oracle Databases. In order to help my team with testing I had to be able to manipulate and navigate in these databases. I faced this problem by learning new skills and features of the software as I progressed in the project. By the end of the project, I felt I gained the necessary skills to do similar projects in the future.
  • The helpfulness of the Flexdogs, as well as the inviting family atmosphere in the office surprised me most during my time at Flexware. I enjoyed the interactions with my team and the other interns on a daily basis. I not only gained technical experience, but professional work habits.
  • I was surprised at how high the status of the Trailblazers was to the year-round employees. I felt I was valued and my work was appreciated. I also was surprised at how much free food there was.
  • I was surprised at the amount of meaningful work that I was given to do. I worked on multiple projects for clients that were deployed for use.
  • The type of person I would recommend to apply for the internship is someone who really appreciates Flexware’s core values. A person who does not require much assistance or guidance to complete a given task would be successful in the Trailblazer Internship program.
  • Working for Flexware Innovation as a Trailblazer intern is a unique and rewarding experience. Not only did Flexware take the time to introduce me to new concepts I hadn’t pursued before, such as creating a service in C# based around RFID technology, but they also care enough about their employees to help develop them personally and professionally. The professional development days were great, whether it was getting exposure to various facilities and industries Flexware works with, or sitting down with several admin level employees receiving advice from them on resumes, interviewing, or our personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • I enjoyed working at one of Flexware’s large food and beverage manufacturing customers and working with their automation team. Going into the summer, I knew very little about high power distribution systems. However, I can now say I know the factory’s power distribution better than most of their employees. I was also able to further develop my PLC programming skills in their automation lab. It has been an amazing experience being able to work with Flexware and the client to apply what I have learned in class while also working on important projects.
  • I really enjoyed the Trailblazer Program because it gave me the opportunity to do so much more than a typical internship. I worked on projects that mattered and developed professionally through plant tours and other fun activities such as the balloon launch.
  • From automation to business intelligence, Flexware gave me the opportunity to explore work in many different areas. It was a summer of trying new things and learning what I want and don’t want to do. Flexware is a unique internship where you not only get work experience but also build relationships, and develop professionally. Flexware spends time to make you a better employee by teaching you essential skills such as writing a resume, conducting yourself in an interview, and making good business decisions. It is a company that cares about their people. From day one I felt like part of the team and that I was working on something helpful to the company.
  • The Trailblazer Internship Program exposed me to so many facets of both business and engineering in industry. Flexware focuses on providing project work in areas of interest to each intern. The professional development days offer a variety of learning experiences and were one of my favorite components of the internship. The summer was filled with wonderful interactions with both FlexDogs and the other interns.
  • My Trailblazer experience was extremely rewarding. Through working at a local sheet metal manufacturer and professional development days at Flexware with the other interns, I have grown professionally, as well gained beneficial experience in the manufacturing side of engineering.
  • I really enjoyed my Trailblazer internship for several reasons. Firstly, I gained my skills working with Microsoft Calendar API, OAuth 2.0 Authentication mechanism, ‘Ignition’ SCADA system and ‘IQ FMEA’ framework for Failure – Mode effect analysis. Secondly, I developed my professional network and made money. Also, I made good friends. And, finally, Professional Development Days made Trailblazer Internship stand out!
  • People were always ready and willing to help me whenever I had a question or messed something up. Additionally, I enjoyed each of the Professional Development Days, as they provided us a way to interact with the other Trailblazers and allowed us to see the environment in which others were working. Other than the company tours, I also found the life and career skills days to be valuable, and they allowed us to grow in more than just technical ways. I especially liked the resume reviews, as this helped me to improve my resume and learn more about what recruiters are looking for.

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