Thank You!

Thanks to all of those who donated a total of 1,807 items to local food banks. Also, a big thanks to the restaurants who provided gift certificates as a random raffle drawing for Food Drive participants. The winners will be notified via email, but the names which were drawn and the restaurants who donated gift certificates are listed below…

Individual Winners…
Bob M., Capitol Construction
Mike C., Flexware Innovation
Denise K., Offprem Technology
Mike M., SEP
Jo Anne J., INCOG Biopharma Services
Jesse W., Flexware Innovation
Lauren K., Capitol Construction
Brice B., Flexware Innovation

Participating Restaurants
Sahm’s Restaurant
The Roost
Hoss Bar & Grill
Wheelers Cafe & Market
Huse Culinary (2)

Support Our Food Banks

Food banks serve an important role in our communities. Help and donations are always appreciated
at the food banks listed below, or the many others serving our community.

Hamilton County Food Drive

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing will come and go in the month of May, but the need at Hamilton County food pantries is never-ending. The Flexware Foundation is challenging Hamilton County businesses to run a “fast-lap” Food Drive in a Race to Fill the Shelves of 4 local food banks. The Drive starts May 3rd and ends May 31st.

Food Bank Locations and Needs

9691 E. 116th Street, Fishers, IN US 46037

The food pantry is open each Wednesday
for donations from 1:00-7:00pm.

Donation Needs:
Canned fruits
Canned spinach
Canned mixed vegetables
Canned sliced beets
Canned salmon
Canned roast beef
Pancake mix
Toaster pastries
Women’s tampons
Canned potatoes
1605 N 10th St, Noblesville, IN 46060

Drop off at any of these drop spots.

Donation Needs:
Canned chicken

Canned tuna

Canned meat stews

Canned meat soups

Canned fruits

Chef Boyardee with meat

Pasta sauce (cans preferred)

Microwavable or bagged rice

Microwavable or bagged pasta

Microwavable or bagged potato sides

5504 E. 146th Street, Noblesville, IN 46062

When you arrive at the Grace Care Center, look for signage on the West side of the building directing you to the proper drop off location.

Donation Needs:

Bagged/Boxed Rice

Canned Beans (Chili/Kidney/Black)

Boxed Potato side

Canned Fruit (Fruit Cocktail/Peach/Pear)

Pancake Syrup

Pancake Mix

Toilet Paper

Tooth Paste

Hamburger Helper

Kids Cereal

Diapers (Size 5 & 6)


Delaware Township Offices,
9090 E. 131st St., Fishers, IN 46038

Drop off food at the City Service Center (former police station) on May 22 (3pm-5pm) or at Fall Creek Elementary on May 30 (1:30pm-3:30pm)

Donation Needs:
Granola Bars
Canned Chicken
Soup Canned
Ranch Dressing Bottled
Canned Vegetables
Applesauce Individual
Salsa Mild
Marinara Sauce
Peanut Butter
Mashed Potatoes
Black Beans Canned

How To Participate in the Food Drive


As a Company

Print THIS FLYER and share it with everyone in your organization.  You can either have people drop off items to your office OR have individuals take items directly to one of the 4 participating food pantries. Let us know that your company will participate by contacting Dwayne.


As an Individual

Drop off food items at your company OR directly to one of the 3 participating food pantries. THEN let us know how many individual food items you dropped off. For each item, you’ll receive an equal number of “virtual raffle tickets.” Questions? Contact Dwayne.

Company Leaderboard

Flexware Innovation = 1454
INCOG Biopharma Services = 189
Capitol Construction = 115
Offprem Technology = 65
SEP = 12
Braden Business Systems
F45 Training South Fishers
Knowledge Services
Launch Fishers

Total Items Donated = 1807

Raffle Donations Provided By:

Individual Donations


417 = Anonymous
229 = Anonymous
206 = Scott W.
92 = Dwayne B.
85 = Evan F.
81 = Wade H.
72 = Greg S.
60 = Jo Anne J.
59 = Mike C.
56 = Tedd G.
48 = Brice B.
46 = Bob M.
42 = Charles W.
65 = Denise K.
29 = Anonymous
25 = Moshe R.
26 = Roman D.
24 = Josh D.
23 = Jason T.
19 = Nilgun O.
17 = Alex H.
15 = Jessee W.
15 = Josh L.
13 = Andrea T.
12 = Mike M.
12 = Josh T.
12 = Chris C.
10 = Lauren K.
8 = Doug G.
8 = Jeremy B.
5 = Rhonda B.
4 = Ken N.
1 = Andy M.

[Submit your donations below]

Individuals who donate items can log their total number of items below and receive an equal number of “virtual raffle tickets” for restaurant gift certificates. The random drawing will take place once the food drive ends, so donate and enter your total items donated before May 31.

Have any questions or comments?

Please contact Dwayne for more information on the Race to Fill the Shelves campaign.